Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

Do you want to have perfectly smooth skin, without shaving on the weekend? You might think it’s impossible. But with the wide array of electric razors available today, you can shave however you want, and wherever you may find yourself. But because of the many razors that are available in stores, choosing which one works best for you is not that easy. Here are some guidelines to help you when shopping for a brand new electric shaver:

  • Shavers of the same series have the same cutting mechanism.
  • You don’t have to be comfortable with your new shaver immediately. It takes time to adjust and get used to a new shaver, even if it is very easy to use.
  • The charge display should be taken into consideration. This informs you of the battery status, how many shaves left you have, and other stats.

One of the best electric shavers available at the moment is the Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver. It is a compact wet/dry electric shaver that leaves skin smooth and hair free. The Braun 3Series is built with SensoFoil Technology, which cuts hair more efficiently. It also has a Triple Action Cutting System that can shave hair of various lengths, from long to very short.

The Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver irritates skin 30% less than rotary systems shavers with skin conditioners. The Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver comes with a precision long hair trimmer, for men who want to trim sideburns or style their beards or moustache.

The Braun is also fully washable and 100% waterproof, and includes an LED display to show charging status and battery level. The Braun razor also comes with rechargeable batteries, so there will never be the need to purchase new batteries.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Triple action cutting system
  • SensoFoil Technology
  • LED display
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • With cleaning brush
  • SmartPlug
  • Weighs 1.1 pounds


  • Fast shaving
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Fully washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient, close shave


  • Not for curly hair


The Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver is a smart buy, as it has everything you need for comfortable and fast shaving, every day of the week. All of its features promote fast shaving and smooth results. The batteries are rechargeable, and the razor has a LED display to show charging status battery level.

With the Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver, you can go to work or on a date without having to clean shave first, because shaving with Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver delays the growth of your hair.

When you need to trim or shave, the Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver can be used anywhere, such as in the shower or while you’re travelling.


There are some electric razors that can almost match the Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver. As a customer, knowing all of your options will lead you to make a more informed decision, so it is wise to read about other electric shavers before buying one.

One of the other recommended electric shavers on the market is the Braun Series 9 9093s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver. It has very powerful cutting power due Syncrosonich technology, which allows for 40,000 cross cutting movements per minute. With the first stroke, more hair is removed than is the case with other razors. The Series 9 can deal with different types of hair due to its four individual and specialized cutting elements.

Another electric shaver available is the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver. It has Intelligent Sonic technology, which automatically increases power on the hard to reach areas such as the neck and chin. The Series 7 is also 100% waterproof, so you can use it in the shower and clean it with water without damaging the internal parts.

All of the three Braun series products have the same cutting mechanism, but what makes the Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver a standout product is its price and the SensoFoil technology, which cuts hair more efficiently and leaves skin smooth.


There are other electric shavers on the market today, some of which have greater cutting power, and some which improve shaving by making it more efficient and convenient. Many of these razors are expensive, while others are not durable and only last for a few months.

The Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver is the perfect electric shaver for men looking for an affordable shaver, but one that is very convenient and easy to use. The 3Series cuts thin and thick hair, and is fully washable.

There is no razor on the market quite like the Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver.


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