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Using electric shavers rather than razor blades can be expensive, as they cost at least $60, and prices can go up to $150. Replacing the head of the razor is also a bit expensive, as it needs to be changed every six months, which costs about $25 to $45 each time. You will also need to replace the rechargeable battery every now and then, when it no longer holds charge.

There are a lot of electric shaver models to choose from, but trying each one of them is not cost effective, and is an inefficient use of time. To help you choose the best electric shavers, go for the brands that offer 30 day money back guarantees.

This is a safe offer and gives you more bang for your buck. You should take at least three weeks to test a new electric razor. If it’s not the model you are looking for, then you can simply return it and be given a refund.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver Brands

Choosing an electric shaver can be difficult, because of the hundreds of models available in stores today. Here are some guidelines you should take into consideration when shopping for an electric shaver:


Different electric shaver brands have different features. Choose the one that has an energy efficient battery. A fully changed battery can go a long way, lasting anywhere from 1 to 12 hours – or at least seven shaves.

Some electric shaver brands automatically switch off and stop charging when the battery is fully charged. This is convenient, and saves you having to wait for the battery to fully charge, or having to unplug the shaver at the risk of accidentally overcharging it.

Some models come with a small cleaning brush, and some can be rinsed clean, while some have a self-cleaning feature. Some models are waterproof, allowing you to shave in the shower


There are two types of electric shavers, differentiated by their blades, which are foil cutting blades and rotary cutting blades. The rotary shavers come with three to four floating heads designed to glide over the facial corners. The cutters spin behind a fine grid. They are quieter and easier to clean than foil shavers. On the other hand, foil shavers come with floating heads that also glide along the facial contours. The cutters of foil shavers oscillate behind a perforated screen.

A Few of the Best Electric Shavers

When choosing an electric shavers, look for quality, reliability, and design. To give you an idea of what you should be looking for, here are few of the best electric shavers on the market today:

Braun Series 9 Model

The Braun Series 9 model is a high end electric shaver that can tackle thick beard growth, but it is expensive, which is why many men are afraid to buy – shelling out large amounts of money on an item you are not sure will work for you can be daunting. Having been tried and tested, rest assured that the Braun Series 9 model is a high performance product and is of a standard that can guarantee satisfaction.

Braun Series 7

If you find the Braun Series 9 too expensive, you might want to consider the Braun Series 7. It is half as expensive as the Braun Series 9. The Series 7 is slower than the Series 9, but it works very well and is durable.

Remington F5-5800

If you don’t fancy the two models from the Braun Series, you might want to consider the Remington F5-5800. It is built with well, with a number of useful features, and retails at a very affordable price.

Blades – Foil Style or Rotary Cutters?

When it comes to blades, the top choice is the foil style. These kinds of electric shavers have a bar shaped cutting mechanism which is hidden behind a thin metal shell. The rotary style is not that popular amongst razor users, because it has four circular cutting heads which do not shave as closely as the foil style blades.

What to Remember When Choosing Electric Shavers

When you compare electric shavers in the same series, remember that they have the same cutting mechanism. The difference is that the Series 9 has many more features and functions, and is easier to clean and convenient to use. To help you choose from more electric shaver brands, there are other few brands that are also well-reviewed, and come with money back guarantees.

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