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Shavers are an essential part of the daily routine for men’s hygiene. When you have to travel in between two locations, it is important to have a travel shaver that you can have with you and use anywhere. Even when you are on the road, you should be able to look your best whenever possible. The most important factors that you should consider when looking for a travel shaver is that it is light, portable, high performance and affordable.

When we say “affordable”, we are not telling you to just grab the cheapest travel shaver you see in the supermarket. You still have to make sure that it works smooth and well. The last thing that you want while you are on the road is a bloody chin or a bruised jaw line from an inefficient travel shaver.

A shaver, however, really cannot be categorized into a single one fits all situation. Everyone has different facial hair thickness, consistency and skin types. What may work for me may cause irritation and inflammation of the skin for you. You also have to make sure that the quality of the travel shaver that you bring with you is up to par with the condition of your skin. Sometimes, you will rarely be able to shower when you are on the road.

Let us take a look at some of the most important features that you should consider when you start looking for a travel shaver. Luckily for you, we have already broken down and fleshed out as much as possible the things that you exactly need to know. Strap on your seatbelts because this might be a bumpy ride especially if you are too used to house kept electric shavers!

Power sources

You have two battery types available when you pick a travel shaver. These two are AA-battery operated shavers and rechargeable shavers. The former is pretty much self-explanatory if you know how basic batteries work. The latter are shavers that take advantage of electrically powered sources. You will have to make sure that you have something to plug in your travel shaver to when you have a rechargeable one. A quick way to go around this if you are on the road is to use your car’s batteries as power sources.

Though more portable, AA-battery powered travel shavers might prove to be too weak in comparison when you consider the features that are packed in them. They tend to have less functionality due to the fact that they will run out of power too quickly when you have too many gears to turn inside the casing. If it is a quick trip within the span of three days, you can make do with an AA-battery powered travel shaver. For a week or longer road trip, it is best to invest in a rechargeable travel shaver unit.

Blade heads

Often the subject of a bar debate, we have the classic rotary vs. foil shavers. It really cannot be explained too objectively since it is up to personal preference on which blade head works best for who. The few things to say about both is that they do perform differently. They serve different purposes and tend to outdo the other in other areas of the face and closeness of the shave.

Rotary shavers are the more advanced of the two. If you buy this variation as a travel shaver, then you will have a trio of spinning blades that you will use to trim and shave off facial hair using a circular motion. This is great for shaving thicker and unruly hairs when you have put off shaving for too long. Your face’s contours will be easier to reach with rotary headed travel shavers so you will not have to worry about leaving traces of hair under your neck and around your jaw line. Rotary shavers, however, should only be used every once awhile.

Foil shavers, on the other hand, are great for those who need to shave their facial hair off daily. This traditional style shaver protects your skin from any sort of abrasion. A travel shaver with a foil head means that you have the typical compass direction maneuvers. Great for those specific cuts and sharper styles. You can use foil travel shavers as often as you want since they do not take too much out of the unit and yourself when used compared to the bulkier and barbershop-intended rotary shavers.

The best travel shaver

If we had to pick one out of the many travel shavers available on the market right now then it would have to be the Braun M90. Aptly named the “Mobile Shaver”, this model actually looks like a bulkier smartphone. Its twistable cap makes it easy to expose the foil which is smooth and efficient to use. A great travel shaver for those who tend to grow facial hair fast.

The Braun M90 is exactly what you will want as your travel shaver due to the fact that it only has the features that you need it to have. This means that this AA-battery powered model will not use too much energy and does not need too much maintenance to keep working. It is incredibly portable and we actually suggest bringing it around with you everywhere even if you already own an electric shaver at home.

A sleek looking unit, the Braun M90 can be used to style your mustaches and sideburns effectively while leaving little to no mark on your face. It is durable enough to last you a few years as your travel shaver whenever you go for those work trips. Finally, its best selling point is the asking price. For just (around) twenty dollars, you have a premier travel shaver at your reach!

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