What to look for when buying a shaver for men

There are a lot of men that prefer the convenience, portability, flexibility and safety of electric shavers while those still go with the often less-expensive and typically closer manual shave. As time passed, though, electric shavers have proved to be as close to manual shavers as they have been in recent memory — even giving the satisfaction of going through a traditional wet shave. The best part? You do not turn every shaving session into a nasty bloodbath.

When choosing the tools you need to be as hygienic as possible, it can prove to be a difficult task when there are just so many top rated electric shavers and attractive marketing strategies presented by reputable brands. The result is a cluster of so much information that you do not know how to deal with. For beginners, you might get confused with buzzwords that have been often stated such as foil or rotary, two, three, four or five blades, wet/dry, precision heads, flex motion and many more.

Buying a shaver for men

There are a number of things that you have to factor in before purchasing your electric shaver. You have to make sure that it is a comfortable experience for you when you shave; it should be easy and safe to keep maintained and clean; the closeness of the shave provided should suit to your personal preference; the process of shaving should be as efficient as possible; and the durability of the electric shaver should be top notch. All of these should be wrapped in a big ball with a price tag on it that fits your budget.

There are many resources available right now if you want a full breakdown of the many features that you have to check when you compare the specs of the different electric shavers on the market. You will get an answer to common questions such as the ever-debated “foil or rotary shaver”, “three blades, four blades or maybe even 5 blades for a close shave” or “should I buy a quick chargeable one”.

Take a look at the best shavers for men

Luckily for you, we have broken down all the factors that needed to be checked and compiled a list of the best electric shavers on the market right now. They all come from the best electric shaving brand as reviewed by many critics and customers alike: Braun. We will take a look at these premier shavers for men that could very well be your next purchase. Make sure that you check out their functionalities and compare them so you have an idea of how to weed out the features that you do not need or like.

  1. Men’s Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System

The ever popular Braun brand is the most respected electric shaver manufacturer right now. You cannot go wrong with this brand since every model that they have released so far is a direct improve from the previous one. What they usually do is take out the things that people did not like in the previous reincarnations and pack all the features that people raved about into the newest model that they release. This has proven to be a good tactic because the Braun Series 9-9095cc Men’s Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System is one of their best yet.

The Braun Series 9-9095cc Men’s Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System is a high performance, durable and comfortable electric shaver that will make sure that every shaving session will be smooth for you. It is extremely well built and stable and takes advantage of the four-way shear system which is a combination of floating grills, four cutting elements, two Optifoil foils and a head that can pivot sideways.

Considered to be the best electric shaver right now, the Braun Series 9-9095cc Men’s Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System has 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute making it do the job you want it to do as fast and as efficient as possible. Obviously, with reputation and stability comes a higher asking price. Braun deserves the money it asks for which is why you should not be afraid of spending the bigger bucks with their models as long as it is within your budget.

  1. Braun Series 7-799cc – Pulsonic Men’s Top Shaver

The Braun Series 7-799cc – Pulsonic Men’s Top Shaver is one of the most advanced electric shavers released that propelled the popularity of the Pulsonic line even higher. It is one of the most consistent foil shavers on the market right now which is why it is still their leading product in that category. It adapts to the contours of your face and makes places such as your jawline and under your neck easily reachable to make sure that every shave is a clean session.

  1. Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System

You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a quality shave from electric shavers. The Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System is a great example of that. It does not have a high asking price, but it still gives you the high quality and performance that you have come to expect from Braun. It has an integrated aluminum cooling bar which lessens the effect of razor burns and irritation on your skin. You will end up feeling moisturized and the tension will be lessened on any areas that you shave — this is something that even high end electric shavers cannot do.


There are many electric shaver models in the market and some of the better ones might even come from other brands besides Braun. We encourage you to take advantage of all the resources you possibly can and make sure that what you get will suit your skin, facial hair type and will have the features that you want.

Not every electric shaver that is considered the best might be the best one for you simply because everyone has their own unique characteristics. Find the best electric shaver for men that you think will do the job for you while giving you high performance and high quality for the amount of bucks that you spend.

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